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5 Great Reasons to Book
With Our New Apple OnLine, Version 4.0

  • Display multi-date search results when
    leaving duration(number of nights) blank.
  • Display multiple destination search results
    leaving destination field blank.
  • View more Scheduled air inventory due to
    an improved backend search.
  • View the number of nights for each flight
    listed when number of nights is left blank.
  • Price out flights and packages even if
    Charter flights are sold out.
4.0 In-house Training Sessions Available
Contact your local Apple Vacations Sales Manager from the East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast regions to schedule a session at your office.

If you aren't already registered for Apple OnLine please complete the Electronic Booking Contract to get the process started. Having trouble downloading the contract form? Please contact the Apple E-Commmerce Department to have a copy e-mailed to you.

:: Please be advised ::
Starting September 1st, we will roll out enhancements to Apple On Line and move access exclusively to the new platform, version4.0. Technical support for the older v3.0 platform will no longer be available and access to the former version is anticipated to end September 15th. Please utilize version 4.0 for all your search, booking and modification needs going forward.

In addition, please visit our Agent Cafe` at your convenience to view the many AOL video tutorials. You can also contact your local Apple Business Development Manager to schedule an AOL 4.0 training session.

Our AOL Travel Agent Support team is available to answer any of your AOL 4.0 questions and provide assistance. They can be reached via phone at 800-727-3460 or by emailing them at

Thank you,
TA Support team

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